Close-up artificial joints
X-ray of bones with artificial joint

From physicians and surgeons to scientists, researchers and other medical professionals, there are several ways for inventors to engage with the HSS Global Innovation Institute (GII). 

We are the primary resource for inventors; we help assess their ideas and offer rigorous support throughout the entire innovation process. The GII team offers dedicated project management, IP protection, a fair and systematic review process, and connections to the right partners and investors. All of this starts when you submit an Invention Disclosure Form. 

Pilot your idea in the "living lab" to fine-tune and further it to market. We'll also provide you with the resources you need at our Technology Development Center, as well as connect you to investors and entrepreneurs looking to partner and drive realization and growth. 

If you're not an inventor, you might provide subject-matter expertise and advise on existing HSS portfolio technologies, or connect us with new technologies you'd like to see implemented at HSS.