Boston Biomotion

Care Delivery Technologies

Boston Biomotion is a NY-based technology startup developing a robotic performance training and rehabilitation platform. They are building a smart physical assessment and functional strength-training tool in a single device that produces real time, objective, and automated performance and strength measurements while providing dynamic resistance independent of gravity. The novel hardware coupled with software and machine learning provides advanced data analytics including a unique way to quantify strength for complex movements. This approach allows athletes, physical therapy patients, and any active individual to truly personalize training, exercise, and rehabilitation. 

As an HSS partner, Boston Biomotion gains access to expert insight of leaders from the Global Innovation Institute, Performance Training, Rehabilitation, and Motion Analysis teams, as well as clinicians and researchers. The partnership includes co-development of the hardware and software platforms, consultation on content and protocols for use with the platform, introduction to other stakeholders, and an onsite pilot to help the company understand commercialization and scaling of the product.