External Fixation Device

Implants and Devices

Clinicians: Robert Hotchkiss, MD
Engineers: Joseph Lipman, MS; Darrick Lo, MEng

Current external fixation technology includes static and hinged fixation systems. A drawback with static systems is that the joint becomes stiff without motion. It can also be difficult to dismantle and reassemble for post-operative mobilization. Hinged devices are challenging to apply and, unless used on a frequent basis, can require long operative time. The complexity of these devices leads to a general reluctance to use them, resulting in inadequate treatment and poor outcomes. The inventors developed a simplified device to maintain joint motion. The device can be easily locked in an original position and then unlocked during rehabilitation. Following a rehabilitation episode, the device can be relocked to stabilize the joint and permit healing.

Legal Status: Patent Issued (US 8,323,281)

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